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Our Teaching Philosophy

At the Golf Academy of Hawaii, we teach according to the following principles:

  • Each golfer has unique mental and physical skill sets that shape the style of their learning, play, and approach to the game.
  • Engaging students in a comfortable, yet detailed pre-lesson discussion establishes a better understanding of the learning style with which the student is most comfortable.
  • Removing tension and anxiety from learning, practicing, and playing the game prepares students to obtain the most success from their efforts.
  • The simple fundamentals of the golf swing and are directly connected to a students or group’s learning style. We develop trust and confidence through expressed positive expectations of the learners’ best characteristics. ¬†From there, we focus on what is good in the existing form and/or function vice traditional problem solving.
  • We strive to learn from others to prevent settling into a permanent, unyielding teaching style.
  • Inspire students to enjoy the game of golf through their abilities to make sound course management decisions, uphold a degree of personal ethics regarding the rules of play, and a fine sense of personal courtesy to others.

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