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Getting Started

Get There: The golf academy is located at the Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii. Authorized patrons with valid ID cards can gain access to the base with out a special pass. Those desiring access need to do the following: Contact Mo at (808) 386-3500 or golf course at (808) 254-1745. They …

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Before You Swing

Prior to swinging the club at a ball to achieve an intended goal; like getting it in the hole, we learned to control the CONTROLLABLES. “Controllables” are everything you can do to make sure you have the best percentage of success to reach your goal. These elements are also known as pre-shot routine. You need …

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Chipping is used when you are close to the green, have no real obstacles between your ball and the hole, and feel that using a putter will not work as well. A chip shot flies lower and rolls further than a pitch shot. I use a variety of clubs when chipping: my 50 degree wedge …

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Flexibility Program

The Golf Academy Hawaii Golf Flexibility Program is designed to maximize efforts in making the game more enjoyable through increased range of motion and less pain through flexibility.  The downloadable link below contains a Microsoft Word document (2MB). Download Flexibility Program

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Pitching is used when you are as close as 20 yards and as far as 100 yards from the target.  This swing is actually a miniature full swing but with much less trunk rotation and upper body rotation. A pitch flies higher than a chip and rolls less.  A good shot to use when hitting over something like …

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As you already know, one of my main teaching goals is to eliminate tension from the golf swing. We discussed the challenge in doing this because of the many moving parts associated with the swing that must be learned and mastered. At every level of play from beginner to professional, there is, and will always …

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Rollin’ the Rock (Putting) Like all the other disciplines of golf, putting requires a consistent set up every time. Pre-Shot: Start from behind the ball and gauge direction. Pick an intermediate spot in front of the ball that matches the track you think the ball will need to take to get into the hole. Take …

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Controlling what you can


The Golf Academy Hawaii Golf Strengthening Program is designed to maximize efforts in making the game more enjoyable by introducing exercises which will directly influence the muscles used in the golf swing. Download the Microsoft Word document (1.4MB) below. Click here to download Strength Program

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