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For Military

Single Marine and Sailor Program Seminar

This lesson series is designed for single or unaccompanied active duty service members. The primary focus is to introduce golf as great recreational and social activity at a reduced cost.

The focus is to learn the golf skills and the ability to improve enough during the course of the program to play a relaxing and enjoyable round of golf while observing the proper etiquette.

  • Cost: $75 per 2-week session. Once a week for two hours.
  • Frequency: Monthly

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Private Lessons

Customize your learning by scheduling a private lesson with one of our golf pros.

  • Cost: $65 per 3/4 hour per session for active duty and retired military and their dependents. (For all others, $70 per 3/4 hour session.)  Or, purchase four sessions for $200.

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Semi-Private lessons with 2 to 4 students

Customize your learning by scheduling a private lesson with one of our golf pros — and bring a friend (or 2, or 3) .

# of students     Single lesson      4-session discount
2 students         $45.00 each*     $150 each*
3 students         $32.00 each*     $140 each*
4 students         $39.00 each*     $130 each*
5 students         $36.00 each*     $120 each*

*Active-duty, retired military or military dependent rate

  •  Frequency: Schedule as desired.

Schedule your private or semi-private lesson..

Unit-sponsored or company-sponsored clinics or outings

This is a flexible offering that allows units or companies to design a specific program for their Marines and Sailors or employees. Our staff will come to a golf event and provide individual or group lessons or conduct a clinic for up to 300 golfers. These are especially enjoyable to golfers who have been enticed to “take the afternoon off” to play in the command or company tournament.

For the beginning golfer: If you don’t have golf equipment, we will provide you the clubs, balls, tees, you might need at no cost. Just let us know.
  • Cost: Variable depending on time commitment and services desired. Contact us for details.



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